15 March 2010

Lost in cynicism

Don't you wish that - just for once - the Labour Party would seek to do something because it was the right thing to do? Instead, The Guardian reveals the underlying tactical considerations:
Ministers are working on proposals to transform the House of Lords into a democratically elected second chamber based loosely on the US
The justice secretary, Jack Straw, will publish his proposals in a draft bill before the election and these will feature prominently in Labour's manifesto. Labour strategists hope that it will create a new dividing line with the Tories, allowing them to portray the Conservatives as being anti-reform.

For if the justification for a proposal is primarily tactical, then why believe that the proposal will be implemented when, after the election, the need for tactical considerations is diminished? Furthermore, the party leaders appear to be blissfully unaware that setting up dividing lines is unlikely to commend the Party to the electorate; they do not even pretend that doing right is a justification in itself.

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