06 March 2010

An unashamed idiot

This guy is apparently the shadow secretary of state for education. The Times reports:
“I’m an unashamed traditionalist when it comes to the curriculum,” Mr Gove said. “Most parents would rather their children had a traditional education, with children sitting in rows, learning the kings and queens of England, the great works of literature, proper mental arithmetic, algebra by the age of 11, modern foreign languages. That’s the best training of the mind and that’s how children will be able to compete.”

Mr Gove was not born until 1967. Accordingly, he missed the traditionalist education which we children of the 1940s and 1950s suffered. Otherwise, he might have known about the deadening hand of excessive regimentation and the hatred of traditional history and traditional maths fostered by the system of learning by rote. No doubt he eould like to bring back the tawse (although he dare not admit it).

Do the Tories deserve to form the next government? (That's a rhetorical question, by the way.)

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