18 March 2010

Some of us manage without a car at all

I saw this headline in The Indie:

For sale: One's very best Daimler
The Queen's personal motor, modified to cater for her handbag and corgies is on the market
and thought: gee, the public spending cuts are going further than I thought they would.

But then I read on:

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the latest departure from its car pool, which still includes eight state limousines (two Bentleys, three Rolls-Royces and three Daimlers), several Volkswagen people carriers and a London taxi fuelled by LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).
And I thought: Does Her Maj really need all these motors? At most she and the kiltie greek can only use two at a time. But then what's the point of being a monarch if you can't splash out on an extra roller or three ...

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