08 March 2010

Over-egging the pudding

The Herald, never knowingly under-panicked, dwells upon the gloomy side:
The Scottish Parliament will be plunged into chaos today as staff go on strike for the first time as part of industrial action involving 270,000 civil and public servants across the UK.

Oh dear, oh dear; chaos is it? The world coming to an end? The country ungoverned?

Maybe not. Parliament doesn't really work on Mondays at the best of times, at least not as far as the MSPs are concerned, so no real chaos there. As for Tuesday:
Staff working in every area of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, from security guards to committee clerks, will take part in the strike action. As a result, meetings of the justice and finance committees, usually scheduled for Tuesdays, have been cancelled.

Will anyone outside the hallowed committee rooms notice the resulting chaos? Thought not.

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