30 March 2010

Quote of the day

Lucy at The Guardian (here):
Of course, just about anyone can look like a passionate hero if you stand him next to George Osborne, a walking justification for all the schoolyard bullying there ever was, is, or ever shall be. It shouldn't be possible for a stripling of 38 to patronise an adult audience this powerfully. If he reminds us once that government money is our money, taxpayer money, he does it a hundred times. And did you know "We're all in this together"? That's a shock. I was awaiting my Willy Wonka ticket to exempt me from all coming public spending cuts.
I appreciate that I was supposed to revel in the cut and thrust of the economic arguments, but I am afraid I became distracted by the suspicious colour of Osborne's hair: had he been at the Grecian 2000? And why was his jacket buttoned up so tightly?

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