20 January 2011

All change

Dear Diary

All very difficult. Alan's decision to resign left me in a quandary. The only two candidates to replace him were Ed or Yvette. Nobody else has the balls (ha bloody ha!) to go up against Osborne. And I admit that either Ed or Yvette will really put the boot in, to a much greater extent than Alan would ever have.

So there we go. Ed has at last got the job he wanted. Osborne says he's not worried but I'd be bloody terrified. And why do I feel surrounded? I can bend Ed and Yvette to my will (I think). I will resist with all my resistance any attempt to portray my shadow cabinet as a Balls cabinet. They won't be running the show (I think).

I will continue to be a dynamic leader of the Labour Party. I just need to consult Ed to see if he's happy with what I propose ...

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