28 January 2011

Stupid politics

I have always been a city boy. Never felt comfortable in the rural environment. As Connolly described it, all that salad. As far as I'm concerned, Monsieur Rousseau can keep his pastoral greenery.

But even I can see that flogging off England's woodlands is unlikely to appeal to the coalition's supporters, either Conservative or LibDem. The idea of opening up the verdant countryside to the rapacious maw of the private sector is - rightly - anathema to the middle class voter. They may not visit the woods very often, but they like to think they might. And what would happen to the little birdies who make their little nests in the trees? Those government ministers - they're trampling over bourgeois dreams.

And what for? A measly £250 million? An ideology which says that the public sector should not be in charge of forests? Do they remember the Sheriff of Nottingham?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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Anonymous said...

The odd thing is that this proposal is a miirror image of the one that Mike Russell tried to introduce in Scotland and which he then abandoned