21 January 2011

Quote of the day

Not sure what this is all about but, if it's in The Guardian, it must be of some significance:
Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, silence the dog with a juicy bone, something something, something to do with a muffled drum or something: the dream, if Lost in Showbiz may venture to quote the late John Lennon, is over. Unbelievable as it seemed, here it was, in black and white. KATIE: I HAD TO DUMP ALEX. The front page of the Sun, alas folded in Lost in Showbiz's local newsagent in such a way as to omit the final word of the headline, leading to a brief glimmer of hope that the marriage wasn't over yet, that the latest was merely that the Zeppelin-breasted lovely had suffered a pronounced case of "runny bum". But there was no hope. Oh, Alex "The Reidinator" Reid. Oh, Jordan. The fairytale of our age, forged in the secret domain of Eros that is the office of the Outside Organisation publicity company, is dead.
So there you go.

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