17 January 2011

Aw diddums

I once had to give evidence to a committee of the Scottish Parliament. I expected to be grilled and I was duly put through the wringer. Goes with the territory, you might say.

But, apparently, academics expect a more gentle treatment. The Scotsman reports:
Two academics grilled about their views on fiscal autonomy by Holyrood's Scotland Bill committee have demanded an inquiry led by Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson into what they said was an "impolite and discourteous" cross-examination from MSPs.

The academics say that other experts could be deterred from giving evidence to Holyrood committees after they were invited to speak about the Scotland Bill but were instead "ambushed" by MSPs and questioned over a report into the economic benefits of full fiscal autonomy.

Their concerns have prompted senior MSPs to call for a review of the system amid claims of "politicisation" of key committees and of witnesses at hearing being "intimidated" and facing "hostile" questioning.
It is a sad day for Scotland's academic community when they get upset about hostile or political questions. What did they expect? A cosy chat?

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