17 January 2011

A modest little flower

Gorgeous George: self esteem was never a problem. The Herald reports:

Asked how he would adapt to a Parliament he has described as a town council, Mr Galloway said: “It would be a good thing if someone with some kind of profile in the world is in the Scottish Parliament.

“I don’t want to sound conceited about it but I think I will bring a touch of class to the Scottish Parliament in the sense of a wider perspective, a wider experience and an ability to argue and paint a picture of what could be, which most people in the Scottish Parliament cannot.”

Fair enough, but the worry is that he would get bored and frustrated, sitting on the back benches at Holyrood, and so disappear in search of pastures new.

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Richard T said...

Aye right. Just like the other George who's high tailing it back to Englandshire and his seat in the Lords. Decus et tutanem indeed.