18 January 2011

For typography nuts only

Are you a one spacer or a two spacer? After a full stop, do you insert one space or two spaces?

Me, I'm a two spacer. Because I learned to type on a manual typewriter, where each letter (when typed) occupied the same amount of horizontal space, regardless of the amount of white space to which this gave rise. Accordingly, typists in the 1950s and earlier were trained to use two space mode for ease of reading. (On the other hand, printers - that is the people who printed books rather than the machines - were able to adjust the amount of space occupied by a letter and one space at the end of a sentence was more than sufficient.)

Apparently, some people get quite upset about us damned two spacers. But I'm too old to change now ...

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Anonymous said...

Dave, you don't need to be so defensive. Who is Farhad Manjoo and why should we pay any attention to his views on this vital issue?