25 January 2011

A modern morality tale

Brainless? Yeah. Sexist? Absolutely. Clap Messrs Gray and Keys in irons and throw away the key. Never again should they be allowed to propagate their chauvinist rubbish on Sky Sports, that paragon of the politically incorrect.

And yet, and yet. The offensive remarks were not intended to be broadcast; indeed they were not broadcast. So arguably, the miscreants were indulging themselves in the kind of ill-conceived banter to be heard in pubs and homes throughout the land. Nobody would have been any the wiser had someone not decided to make a song and dance about it by releasing the tapes. Mr Gray and Mr Keys are not politically sophisticated - they are merely football commentators whose opinions no doubt reflect those of the vast majority of their audience.

Perhaps the best answer came from the female assistant referee who - unquestionably and as replays proved - demonstrated that she fully understood the offside law by choosing not to flag for the Torres goal.

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Richard T said...

And you might also observe that Andy Gray gets 1.7 million a year for his opinions and if the Assistant Refereee gets much more than one percent of that she'll be lucky.