20 April 2016

A bit of a lad

Well, you expect the Secretary of State for Culture etc to have some fun.  But, then again, perhaps not quite as much fun as he seems to be enjoying.  The Times reports:
John Whittingdale faced further questions about his conduct last night after saying that he did not declare hospitality from two lapdancing clubs.
The disclosure comes as the parliamentary standards watchdog is considering a complaint that the culture secretary did not disclose a trip to the 2013 MTV Europe awards in Amsterdam, paid for by the broadcaster, which he attended with a woman he later discovered worked as a dominatrix.
The minister, who is divorced, has been the subject of a stream of allegations about his private life over the past week. He admitted dating the dominatrix after meeting her through an internet dating site but said that he ended the relationship when he realised what her occupation was.
Another former girlfriend, Stephanie Hudson, the former page 3 model, claimed at the weekend that Mr Whittingdale had shown her sensitive cabinet papers and breached procedures by sending her a picture of ministers gathered at Chequers. Mr Whittingdale dismissed her claims as “tittle tattle”.
A case for the Government Whip?


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