13 April 2016

So farewell Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Not his night:
Rabiot wrestled his way past two City players and was dragged down. Zlatan composed himself with the familiar grimaces and pouts, hair swept back into a matadorial take on what is occasionally known as the Croydon Facelift. The free-kick was punted in with such murderous theatre you half expected Joe Hart to be at the very least fatally wounded, Mercifully, he was able to tip it over the bar.
Otherwise Ibrahimovic was muzzled. And finally he was taunted, with an increasing sense of confidence, by City’s fans. Of all the many things these cussed first-timers will now bring to the semi-finals of this competition, the chant “You’re just a shit Andy Carroll” might need a little explaining.


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