26 April 2016

Quote of the day

It's all the fault of the damn badgers.  The Guardian opines:
It had not been the greatest of weekends, what with Barack Obama committing the UK to the back of any queue and Boris Johnson going out of his way to embarrass himself. The leave campaign could do with a lift. Something to give them a reason to believe.
“The EU will turn us into a colony,” declared Owen Paterson, the former environment minister, to a handful of supporters at the British Academy. “The prime minister will have no more power than a Roman governor.” Cometh the hour, cometh Opaterix the Gaul.
Basically the problem was this: the Brussels bureaucrats were just like the badgers. No sooner had you got one lined up in your sights than they moved the bloody goalposts. Opaterix may have been defeated by the badgers, but he wasn’t in the mood to let history repeat itself. The EU was a monster that needed to be culled. If not on 23 June, then some time in the future.
And so the Brexiteers perambulate towards the wider shores of fantasy ...


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