23 April 2016

Silly man

Is Boris losing the place?  The Independent thinks so:
Boris Johnson has come out with some pretty outlandish crap lately. You can’t even mention Europe without the guy instinctively regurgitating a load of tosh about draconian EU balloon regulations that don’t actually exist. You just sort of learn to drown it out, really.
But this week, BoJo has utterly redefined paranoia by insinuating that Barack Obama wants to see Britain leaving the EU because of his Kenyan heritage. Where do you even begin to unravel the craziness?
According to Boris, the British people should completely ignore anything and everything President Obama has to say about June’s impending EU referendum because he’s part-Kenyan and thus maintains an “ancestral dislike” of the British Empire. 
If asked to choose between Barack and BoJo as to who was talking sense - well, the answer is obvious.


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