26 April 2016

Whose side are you on?

On the one hand, there are the junior doctors.  As The Independent points out:
Junior doctors have possibly one of the hardest jobs in the country. They carry on their young shoulders life and death responsibilities that most of us never even come close to. Throw into the mix long hours, unpredictable working patterns, high personal expense for examinations, and a training structure that means upping sticks across the country for your next job at a time of life when most others are trying to put down roots, and you can see how they might have hoped to be cut some slack.
On the other hand, there is Jeremy Hunt, the health minister seeking to introduce a seven-day health service without paying for it, thus driving doctors to despair and emigration.

Of course, I am biased.  I have relied on junior doctors (and their senior colleagues) to identify and treat my cancer.  So I owe them more than I can say.  But so many of us are in a similar position. 

Which is why - even if the government vanquishes the doctors - the Tories do not deserve to be forgiven.


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