02 April 2016

A love story

I'm a sucker for a happy ending.  From The Guardian (here):

He was in love but she was promised to another and it was driving him mad. It was the spring of 1970 and Eric Clapton was besotted with former model Pattie Boyd but she was married to George Harrison. The former Beatle and the guitarist were close friends but Clapton found he could not stop thinking about Boyd. It was during this time that a friend, Ian Dallas, who had converted to Islam and taken the name Shaykh Abdalqadir, gave Clapton a book by the Persian writer Nizami which told an ancient story about a poet who falls in mad love with a beautiful girl whom he is forbidden to marry. The poet is so consumed by desire that he is dubbed “Majnun” – the madman. Clapton read the story, saw in it an echo of his own romantic predicament, and was inspired to write a song for Boyd that explained how he felt. “Let’s make the best of the situation before I finally go insane,” he sings, “please don’t say we’ll never find a way and tell me all my love’s in vain.” One afternoon Clapton took Boyd to a flat in South Kensington and told her he wanted her listen to the song he had written. He switched on the tape machine and played what she would later describe as “the most powerful, moving song I had ever heard”. It was named after the girl in the story by Nizami, the girl who had driven the poet mad, the pet name Clapton would give Boyd: Layla.

When Boyd heard Clapton’s recording of “Layla” she said: “The song got the better of me. With the realisation that I had inspired such passion and such creativity. I could resist no longer.” Boyd would later marry Clapton. They were able to carve out a happy ending.

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