06 May 2016

Election blues

So there you go.

The SNP denied an absolute majority, having lost 6 seats overall, and securing only 63 seats out of the total 129.  They will still be able to govern of course, but will have to be a little more careful than would otherwise be the case.  Not necessarily a Bad Thing.

Congrats to the Greens, who increased their participation from 2 to 6 seats (and forced the LibDems down into 5th place).  Definitely a Good Thing.

Labour walloped, losing 13 seats to end up with 24.  Not a Good Thing, but if they take a tumble to themselves and undergo a serious refresh, then the future may not be wholly gloomy.  But, for all of our sakes, keep hold of the admirable Kezia, my erstwhile fellow blogger.

And the Tories?  Gaining 16 seats, to end up with 31 and the sought-after place as the main opposition.  We will wait and see if that is a Good Thing or a Bad Thing.


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