12 May 2016

Silly money

The Guardian reports on the BBC's travails over high salaries for presenters:
Gary Lineker, Chris Evans and Graham Norton will be among a group of BBC stars forced to declare how much they are paid as part of plans unveiled in a white paper on the future of the corporation published on Thursday.
The BBC will be told to reveal the pay of presenters who earn more than the £450,000 a year paid to director general Tony Hall – a plan described as a “poachers’ charter” by media executives who say rivals could use the new rules to pick off the BBC’s best-paid presenters.
How much do they get paid?
The three-year contract Evans negotiated with the BBC last year is thought to have netted him as much as £2m a year for presenting Top Gear and his Radio 2 breakfast show.
Other high earners at the BBC include: Match of the Day presenter Lineker (on a reported £2m); Norton (just under £2m); and Clare Balding (as much as £2m). None of these figures have been confirmed by the BBC.
Would anybody care if these four were "poached" by Sky or ITV?  (Nobody else would be daft enough to pay them these kind of salaries.)  It's not as if they were particularly good at their jobs.

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