11 May 2016

Now who's "fantastically corrupt"?

The gravy train re-fuels when it stops at the station:
Dozens of MPs’ staff were given nearly £1m in redundancy payments prior to the general election just weeks before returning to another publicly funded job, the expenses watchdog has disclosed.
Analysis from the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) also showed that staff members related to MPs were paid on average £5,600 more than unrelated staff members during the last parliament.
The disclosures came in a report into MPs’ winding-up costs just before the last general election.
The report shows 125 staff members received £925,000 in tax-free redundancy payments with a break of employment of less than 10 weeks.
In each case, the staff member was made redundant as a result of their employer standing down or losing their seat at the election and entered into a new employment with a different MP within two months of their prior employment ending.

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