11 May 2016

Lost in space

Iain Duncan Smith is oblivious to his internal contradictions:
The EU’s institutions, Mr Duncan Smith said, were “irredeemably unwieldy”, its processes as slow-moving as treacle. It is unlikely ever to agree on a trade deal with the United States. Yet on Day 1 of Brexit, Brussels will bend over backwards to sort us out with a great deal.
“We are the fifth largest economy in the world,” he said. “Are you telling me that we aren’t going to be able to arrive at a deal that is particular to the UK? I don’t think so. I think that they will do that straight away.”
And not only will the Eurocrats be burning the midnight oil to sort us out with a splendid deal, but they will suddenly decide that reform is the way ahead for themselves. “Brexit might be the shock to the EU system that is so desperately needed,” Mr Duncan Smith said. “Given we are so uninfluential inside the EU, our maximum moment of influence might be in leaving.”
He is a mass of contradictions. Brussels is incompetent but will be efficient once we leave; it is never going to improve but seemingly eager to reform; and Britain should leave because it is the most European-friendly thing to do.
 Imagine - this guy was once the leader of the Tory Party ...


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