14 May 2016

See daughters!

Dave has family problems, as revealed by SamCam's diary:
Well I have never known Nancy so cross with Dave, he’s like, I was only saying what everybody thinks, she’s like, Dad, do you know how long I SPENT crafting that Churchill speech “the serried rows of white headstones”, total Project Fear gold, & now all anybody can talk about is Nigeria & tax havens & all because YOU could not stop showing off, you should be ashamed of yourself at your age :((( Dave’s like, wait Nancy, the Queen did it too, how come I am in trouble when she did the exact same thing? Nancy’s like, hello, was the Queen idiotic enough to call a referendum, honestly Dad you do not deserve to win, if you want to embarrass yourself go ahead, but have you thought how it makes ME look, & canunot check your phone while I’m talking, there are weeks to go & we have already used up war, pestilence & famine, I was saving death for later, but so what, nobody seems to care :(

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