01 May 2016

Irresponsible research

There are examples of good research and there are examples of bad research.  This is a good one, as reported in The Independent:
Having a glass of wine with your dinner could lead to better mental and physical health and higher self-esteem.
Contrary to UK Government advice suggesting keeping several days ‘alcohol free’, a new study from researchers in Finland, published in the Alcohol and Alcoholism journal, found several glasses of wine per day with an evening meal could actually be good for you.
Researchers from the universities of Helsinki and Tampere studied the drinking habits of almost 2,600 people between 18 and 69, and found that 12 per cent of people who had a glass of wine or two with dinner were the most likely to have good physical and mental health, and rate their self-esteem as ‘high’.
My self-esteem has never been higher.

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