13 September 2016

Am I bovvered?

The Guardian reports (amidst unnecessarily extensive caterwauling):
The Great British Bake Off will switch to Channel 4 following its current series after rights negotiations between the BBC and the show’s production company collapsed amid a disagreement over price.
The BBC indicated that financial demands made by Love Productions now made the programme “unaffordable”, leaving Channel 4 to take on the most popular programme on British television in a three-series deal.
Can't say that I'm bothered; I never watched it.  Let us hope its trip into the desert (dessert?) spaces of Channel 4 is emulated by "Strictly", another program I never watch.


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kailyard rules said...

Anything with Great British I stear clear of. Anything strici I can do without also.I'm with Rhet Butler on this one.