07 September 2016

Brexit means ... never having to say you're sorry

Things are not becoming clearer.  The Independent sums up the state of play:
Does Brexit mean leaving the single market entirely, mostly, a fair bit, or not really at all? Who can say? Does it mean ending, partially restricting or barely tinkering with freedom of movement? Not a clue. How long will it take to negotiate trade deals with the EU, the US and other nations, and how punishing might the terms be? Go figure. Will British expats retain the right of residency in EU countries? Beats me.
There are scores of other intriguing questions raised by the June vote, and to all of them the official reply may be paraphrased as follows: you might as well ask Larry, the Downing Street cat.
It is now 10 or 11 weeks since the referendum and there are not even the vaguest outlines of what the government thinks Brexit means ...


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