23 September 2016

Can we take BoJo seriously?

Is he speaking with all the authority of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs?  Or is he simply opening his mouth and letting his belly rumble?  The BBC reports:
The UK will "probably" begin formal negotiations to leave the European Union early in 2017, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has told the BBC.
The foreign secretary said it was still "subject for discussion" but the "Article 50 letter" would be produced "probably in the early part" of 2017.
But Number 10 said the government's position had not changed and Article 50 would not be triggered in 2016.
PM Theresa May has not yet given a clear statement on when it will begin.
Asked about Mr Johnson's comments, a spokeswoman for the prime minister said the government position on when it would trigger Article 50 was "not before the end of this year".
"The decision is hers [Mrs May's] and she will do that at a time which is most likely to get the best deal for Britain," the spokeswoman added.
That would appear to set Johnson's gas at a peep ...

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