24 September 2016

Quote of the day

A bit harsh, perhaps?  From The Times (here):
... there is a terrible flatness to politics at the moment and that is because nobody has any idea who the next prime minister will be. Or even has the decency to speculate.
And it is mostly because we have been lumbered with this deathly, humourless, stooping technocrat for a leader. This twitchy, joyless crow. This Ealing Comedy headmistress with a gift for joke-telling that makes Thatcher look like Victoria Wood. Theresa May is so lustreless, so derivative, so repetitive, so wooden, so without hinterland, family, identity, sex, passion or wisdom, so bereft of anything like a mantle that might be passed on, that nobody, literally nobody, ever talks of who her successor might be. She is such a big, tall, pointless pot of low-fat yoghurt that there is no sense of her having anything worth inheriting or wrestling from her, bar her jewellery and the occasional pair of shoes.
 I guess the honeymoon is nearing the end ...


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