20 September 2016

Undue optimism?

Maybe they will, but maybe they won't.  But the Prime Minister seems undaunted.  The Guardian reports:
Theresa May has dismissed threats by EU countries to veto Brexit negotiations with the UK, as she declared: “The 27 will sign up to a deal with us.”

The prime minister said other nations would accept an agreement with Britain after the Slovakian prime minister said that four central European countries were willing to block talks unless their citizens retained their rights to work in the UK. Robert Fico said last week that Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary would be “uncompromising” during talks and ready to veto arrangements “unless we feel a guarantee that these people are equal”.

However, May rejected such warnings when asked whether it would really be possible to secure the agreement of all other member states for Brexit and trade talks. “The 27 will sign up to a deal with us,” she said. “We will be negotiating with them. And … we will be ambitious in what we want to see for the UK. A good deal for the UK can also be a good deal for the other member states because I believe in good trading relations and I have said I want the UK to be a global leader in free trade.”

Stressing that the other EU countries would have something to gain from a deal being struck, May added: “This is not just about us, it’s actually about their relationships and trading within that European arena.”
The position of the Visegrad Four is that they will veto a trading deal which fails to satisfy their requirements with regard to labour movement.  Even though the absence of a deal would put their citizens in an unprotected position with regard to residence in the UK?

Meanwhile, Mrs May continues to believe that she can secure a successful trade arrangement as well as limiting the free movement of labour.

Doesn't compute ...


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