07 September 2016

Perhaps a little vulgar ...

The Times reports:
The Russian oligarch, in London with his wife, Aleksandra, 39, a former model and pop singer from Serbia, chose to moor his superyacht in the most eye-catching spot on the Thames, tying up next to HMS Belfast against the backdrop of Tower Bridge.
The bridge had to be raised to allow Motor Yacht A, a 120m boat created by the French designer Philippe Starck and worth £225 million to pass through. The craft is currently up for sale.
Mr Melnichenko, who started out in banking before diversifying into energy, mining and other industries, is estimated to be worth £8.4 billion, according to Forbes.
His boat is inspired by a submarine and boasts three swimming pools, seven cabins, a helipad and bombproof glass. It sleeps 14 and has a crew of 42.
Its masts are almost 100m tall, it has a top speed of 23 knots and is the 21st largest yacht in the world. Two speedboats are concealed within its sloping stern. Tables are encrusted with Baccarat crystals and the walls lined with white stingray skins.
There is an all-white, 230 sq m master bedroom suite with a rotating king-sized bed. There is also a bedroom with a circular bed that is located behind two glass panels and has a flat screen TV on the ceiling. Employees have dubbed it the “nookie room”.
What a show-off ...


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