08 January 2017

A sensible approach to immigration?

Well at least some Labour Party MPs are thinking about it.  The Observer reports:
Labour MPs Stephen Kinnock and Emma Reynolds insist that the “mixed messages” from Labour over immigration are proving “deeply corrosive” of voters’ trust. They insist that it is time to unite behind a credible approach that recognises the strength of feeling in the country about rising immigrant numbers, while protecting UK and European workers and the economy.
Announcing their blueprint for change – with support from senior figures, including the party’s former policy chief and MP for Dagenham, Jon Cruddas, and former shadow cabinet members Rachel Reeves and Caroline Flint – they say Labour should press Theresa May to put a two-tier system of controls at the heart of Brexit negotiations.Tier one would include highly skilled individuals such as doctors, teachers and engineers, who would be admitted to take on specific jobs. EU students with a place at British universities would also be included in this tier.
Tier two would be made up of low-skilled and semi-skilled EU workers, whose numbers would be limited by sector-based quotas, negotiated between government, industry and trade unions. These sectors would include agriculture, food processing, retail, construction and hospitality.
Seems a bit on the bureaucratic side to me.  You would need an army of immigration service officials to administer the process of vetting applications and supervising appeal mechanisms.  On the other hand, there are no easy solutions ...


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