11 January 2017

Not a good day

Mr Corbyn twists and turns in successive interviews over EU immigration and high pay.  The Independent sums it up, rather sympathetically:
Corbyn looked muddled and unpopular on Brexit, muddled and potentially popular on high pay, and missed a golden chance to press Labour’s advantage on the NHS. All in one day. It is hard to believe that someone who seriously wants and intends to be prime minister could have allowed such confusion around him. 
I suppose he clings in private to the idea that remarkable things happen in politics, but it cannot be fun on a personal level to have most of your MPs thinking you are a hopeless liability while the party tests record depths in the opinion polls. 
What is more, he must know that, if the Conservative Party collapsed and he, who will be 70 if the election is at the set time, formed a government, he would hate it. There is no way this can end well. 
But, while Corbyn muddles his way ahead, the country is going to the dogs.


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