07 January 2017

Where are the Brexit plans?

A Russian computer hacker writes (in The Times - here):
Following enormous success of not hacking United States election, focus is now switched to United Kingdom. Haff been tasked with obtaining top secret documents outlining British government detail plan for Brexit.
“Is most odd,” am saying to hacking superior. “Can’t find them anywhere.”
Hacking superior most displeased. Is asking which cabinet minister computers haff compromised?
“First Liam Fox,” am saying, “but he is spending all time playing computer games of Global Conquest or Risk. Then David Davis, but turns out he is not even turning computer on. Just hitting buttons, madly, when anybody walks past, in front of black monitor. Then Boris Johnson. But half is Latin and rest is NSFW.”
“Keep looking,” hacking superior haff ordered. “Plans must be somewhere.”
“You’d think,” haff said.
 Good luck with that ...

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