17 January 2017


The day wee Mikey sucked up to Donald will have shredded such reputation as he had left.  Never again will he be considered a serious politician.  This photo will be resurrected whenever he puts his head above the parapet.  As The Guardian illustrates:
... he turned up on BBC2’s Daily Politics where Jo Coburn gave him the biggest putdown yet. “You had the president-elect for an hour and you didn’t once challenge him on any inconsistencies?” she observed. Mikey beamed. At last. Someone who got the point. It had never been about what Trump did or didn’t say. It had been about, he, the Great Mikey, getting a whole hour of Trump’s time. To bask in the orange glow of reflected glory. Me and Mini-Me. Don and Mini-Don. Mini-Mini-Mikey.


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