15 January 2017

Brave New World

I'm just glad that I am retired.  From The Sunday Times (here):
Companies are fitting thousands of their staff with body-worn tracker devices that check how much sleep they have, how well they work with colleagues and even monitor their body language, tone of voice or emotions.
Supporters of the revolution in “workplace wearables” say it is creating a more productive “augmented human being”, but privacy campaigners say it is leading to a “Big Brother” society.
Employees of at least four British companies, including a major high street bank, are already carrying “sociometric badges”, often for 24 hours a day. The credit card-sized badges are worn around the neck and include a microphone for real-time voice analysis, a device that tracks the wearer around the workplace, a Bluetooth sensor to scan for proximity to others and an accelerometer to check physical activity. Monitoring employees’ phone calls and emails provides further data.
Appalling nightmare.


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