02 January 2017

Heard it all before?

Funny how the honours system is continually reformed but never changes.  The Times reports:
Theresa May is to overhaul the honours system after making clear that controversial appointments in the new year’s list had been put forward under David Cameron.
The prime minister is to insist that the government gives priority to people proven to have helped the economy or boosted social mobility.
Mrs May has said that she wants the honours system to have five priorities. It will recognise those who boost the economy; support young people in achieving their potential; aid social mobility; help local communities; and tackle discrimination.
The new system will be in place for the Queen’s Birthday honours in the summer. The awards announced by the government over the weekend had been proposed by Mr Cameron’s team, according to a Whitehall source, who said: “These things are put together with quite a lot of time to spare.”
So, instead of Cameron's cronies, we can expect May's cronies to figure on the list.


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