14 November 2008

A confession

Some young thing in The Times is getting upset about the older generation's inability to work their mobile phones:
This is what you might call a generational divide. On the older side we have the vast swaths of the population who don't really know how to work their mobile phones. On the younger we have everybody else, and they have to spend huge swaths of their lives telling the first half how to use their mobile phones, often over the medium of said mobile phones, even though they know that the other half aren't really listening, and are still going to send them a voicemail saying “hello? Are you there?” on every second day and a text message saying “HBgUO%^?” every third.

I once had a mobile phone (actually I was given it by the Office) - but I never really worked out which buttons to press. And I have to say that texting was something of a mystery. Nowadays I rely on a landline. Do I miss the mobile? Not in the least. Does that make me a silly old buffer? Probably.

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