21 November 2008

I doubt if the turkeys thought it was fun

Watch the guy in the background -

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Bill said...

Granted the woman is an ignorant fool, but unless you are a vegetarian (when you can snipe all you like at the animal-rearing industry, provided you don't wear leather shoes) then this is the reality of what happens to animals most of us are going to eat and use by-products from. It is grisly - those food packages in styrofoam trays encased in cling-film that look so sterile and nice in the supermarket have come from a living creature and whilst I don't particularly enjoy seeing an animal being slaughtered (I did once visit a meat-packing plant run by a well-known corned beef producer in an African country on a business trip and as a child I saw my grandmother kill a chicken for Sunday lunch on several occasions) I know it happens and as I am a meat-eater I don't take cheap shots at those directly involved in this activity nor do I expect them to go through their lives always looking glum; it's good for meat-consumers to be aware where their food comes from.