05 November 2008

Pathetic or what?

Did he need to be so ingratiating? The press release shows how low the First Minister is prepared to sink:
Mr Salmond said:
"On behalf of the people of Scotland, I send you my heartfelt congratulations on a wonderful and historic election victory - it ushers in a new era of hope for the United States and its role in the world.
This was a victory for optimism over pessimism, for hope over fear. "It is time for a leader with your commitment to cooperation, and your belief that the improbable can be possible with goodwill and hard work.
"The American public have chosen another President of Scottish descent, and your message of support for the Scotland Week celebrations in the US this year was greatly appreciated by Scots at home and abroad.
"2009 is Scotland's Year of Homecoming - celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scotland's national bard and international cultural icon, Robert Burns - during which we will welcome to Scotland people from around the world with a connection to and love of our nation.
"It will be a fantastic year to come home - for Presidents and citizens alike - and I extend an invitation of warm Scottish hospitality to you during this special year."

Excuse me while I puke. Scotland - home of the cultural cringe.

This is much much better.


Homercles said...

That seems like the antithesis of the cultural cringe to me.

Which just goes to show you - maybe a bit of cultural cringing is a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Scottish descent ? I thought Barack O'Bama was Oirish ?

Rab o'Ruglen said...

Shame on you. The Scottish cringe is alive and well and living in people like you. I suppose you would be far happier if nothing positive was ever done by Scots for Scots. Far, far better just to leave it to those nice people in London to look after us.

Obviously you have no ambition other than to see us all reduced to the level of the poorer areas of Glasgow. But wait, they recently voted for change. How provincial of them.