14 November 2008

Nowadays, you just can't get the staff

What is it with these BBC Scotland bloggers? Both Brian and Douglas are obsessed with single sentence paragraphs; ok, sometimes they allow themselves two sentence paragraphs, but not very often.

Do they think that they are writing for The Daily Record?

I admire them both - they write some good stuff, but it is rather offputting. Just for once, it would be nice to see a proper paragraph, instead of a string of disconnected sentences.


doctorvee said...

I agree with you here. It is as though they are just writing a stream of consciousness; a bunch of hurriedly scribbled-out notes. Do they think their readers do not deserve some properly constructed thoughts? Is there a bit of snobbery about blogging that causes them to take this approach?

Daily Rabble said...

It is a right pain reading their blogs. Brian's certainly never used to be like that. Glad some others have noticed!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you starting your jihad against one sentence paragraphs with a piece which contains a one sentence paragraph. I think this clever manoevure will outsmart the enemy.