26 November 2008

Is this the best we could do?

Don't worry about it. Yes, I know that a day lasts for 24 hours, but sometimes a day can last a whole weekend. The press release says so:
Scotland celebrates its National Day this weekend (November 29-30) with a programme of events in cities and towns across the country.
The flagship event, The St Andrew's DO, will take place in Edinburgh's West Princes Street Gardens, with a range of free entertainment activities over the entire St Andrew's Day weekend.
Other events include a family ceilidh in Glasgow, a fashion show and medieval day in Dundee and a street party in Inverness.
St Andrews Day (November 30) also marks the start of Edinburgh's Winter Festival programme.
A short video has also been produced about Andrew, Scotland's patron saint. This explores the legends behind St Andrew and how he came to be associated with Scotland.

Just don't get too excited. And, no, I'm not providing a link to the video (because it's pretty shoddy).

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