11 November 2008

The gravy train continues ...

Let me see if I have got it right. Even though he resigned, he gets all the pay he would have got up until the end of his contract, some 15 months hence. This is what The Telegraph appears to suggest:
Sir Ian Blair will receive a pay-off worth up to £400,000 when he stands down as Metropolitan Police Commissioner in three weeks' time.
The additional sum is on top of the estimated £3.5million pension pot, worth £160,000 a year, which he is set to receive after 30 years' service as a policeman.
The settlement, thought to be one of the biggest ever, was agreed by four members of the Metropolitan Police Authority, the independent body that governs Sir Ian's force.
Under the terms of the deal, Sir Ian is likely to get 15 months' salary worth £295,000 for agreeing to stand down on Dec 1. The cash is the amount he would have earned if he had remained in charge of the Met until February 2010 when his contract was due to expire.

I can now understand why he resigned - why go through the hassle of actually doing the job, when you can resign and get paid what you would been anyway.

When I resigned from public service in 2005, after rather more years than Sir Ian, I do not recall being offered a pay-off. So, if you like, you can attribute this post to sheer envy.

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bondbloke said...

What is worse is that it is OUR money he will be being payed off with! I don't remember anyone asking me if I wanted to contribute...