17 June 2010

Chris Bloody Evans

Witless, inane, self obsessed, in love with his own voice and no doubt overpaid.

He talks too much. He talks over the record intros and he is invariably talking before each record finishes. He talks so much that he can only squeeze in three or four records per half hour. That's between 9 and 12 minutes of music per half hour. And, like Wossie (that other idiot of the airwaves), he has to have his wee pal to talk to.

Bring back Wogan!

PS And, yeah, I know that I would be better off listening to Six but my shower radio is restricted to FM.

1 comment:

Emperor Rosko said...

Graham Norton was much better when he stood in for Evans.But you really shold be listening to Forth 2 - maximum music, minimum talk.