01 June 2010

Fat cats

I see that there are only three civil servants in the Scottish government included in the 172 listed by the Cabinet Office as earning £150,000 or more. These are Sir John Elvidge who takes home something between £160,000 and £164,999, Dr Kevin Woods - the Scottish Health Service boss - who is on the same pay rung as Sir John, and Ms Stella Manzie - director general of the Scottish Justice and Communities Department - who is on a lower rung at £150,000 to £154,999.

There are also a couple of ex-Scottish Office luminaries on the list, namely Philip Rycroft at the Department for Business (£160,000 to £164,999) and Jim Gallagher at the Justice Department (£175,000 to £179,999). That last figure may cause a wry smile to flicker across the faces of some of my ex-colleagues in the Scottish Office.

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