02 June 2010

Quote of the day

Christina from The Independent (here):
Heat was born in 1999, the year that the first Blackberry was released as a two-way pager, and the year that a new word was unleashed on the world, a word that was both a noun and a verb. The word was "blog" and it was, in a neat inversion of the Biblical principle, the equivalent of non-bikini-ready flesh made text. Suddenly, every Tom, Dick and Belle du Jour could vomit out their thoughts into the ether – their comings, their goings, their philosophy, their flatulence, their gap years and their trips to Starbucks – and they did. Democracy, we discovered, was not just the worst form of government except all the others, it was our right to say whatever we wanted about whatever we wanted as badly as we wanted. Democracy, we discovered, was the right not just to attack, but to bore.

A little harsh, perhaps. It's not as though so-called journalists consistently churn out interesting and well-constructed copy ...

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