19 June 2010

Next up: Slovenia

Oh yes, England must now face the mighty Slovenia. Slovenia was the most northerly part of Yugoslavia, from which it managed to extract itself in 1991 (not without considerable difficulty). The state has a population of just over 2 million and a land area of about 20,000 sq km - say a bit less than half the size of Scotland.

Can England beat them? Not if they play as they have been doing. Remember that Slovenia qualified for the finals by eliminating Russia in the play-offs. And that they beat Algeria, which is more than England did.

Slovenia is a stable and prosperous wee country, a full member of the EU which has adopted the euro. ( I still have some obsolete Slovenian tolars if anyone wishes to buy them.) In 2001, I spent a happy long weekend in Ljubljana, the capital. Nice town, nice people, good beer.

So, come on, Slovenia!

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