11 June 2010

Home, sweet home

Back to Edinburgh this evening, with some relief. Out here, it's been getting a bit hot for me. Besides, there's some kind of football tournament about to start, and English flags have started appearing everywhere.

But it will be great to taste again a Scottish pie, one of the few delicacies unobtainable over here. (I am told that if you look hard enough you can find them but in a frozen unpalatable form.)

I will of course have to get used to long trousers and sweaters, but these are minor woes compared to my delight in a pint of Deuchars or a bottle of Brewdog IPA from my brewery (yes, I have several shares and therefore qualify as a filthy bloated capitalist).

Of course, I look a little orange (the colour not the fruit) but it will fade like snow off a dyke ...

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