11 June 2010

Rubbish politics

According to The Herald (here), "Every home in Scotland is to have a special bin for discarded food after the Scottish Government announced a zero-waste strategy".

Aye well, we'll see. At present, as I live in a typical Edinburgh stair, I have to take all my rubbish down three flights and deposit it in one of the many communal dirty great black bins that sit on the corner of every street in north central Edinburgh. Are the city fathers really going to establish a parallel set of communal dirty great green bins for food waste?

Or do our esteemed politicos believe that we all live in nice little detached or semi-detached cottages where the rubbish is put out once a week or a fortnight and is duly collected by binmen with a dirty great lorry?

1 comment:

John A Thomson said...

You could always get a Bokashi Kitchen bucket to save yourself the trip up and down the stairs with the food waste waste.

I believe this is another EU directive so the fault lies with the European Parliament and MEPs not the Scottish Government and local authorities.