07 June 2010

It's the end of the world as we know it

Young Mr Cameron piles on the doom and gloom. The Guardian reports:
David Cameron will warn ... that Britain's "whole way of life" will be disrupted for years by the most drastic public spending cuts in a generation. The cuts, he will say, will have an impact on Britain's entire population.
In his most gloomy remarks since taking office, the prime minister will declare that Britain's public finances are worse than expected and are forcing him to take "momentous decisions".
It's not entirely Mr C's fault, but we have become accustomed to politicians crying wolf. What is going to be bad, bad, bad usually turns out to be only mildly unedifying. So, in response to Mr C, we shrug our shoulders and go back to contemplating England's chances in the World Cup.

But just maybe he means it this time?

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