16 June 2010

Quote of the day

From the pie-chomping Frank McAveety MSP (here):
As people filed out of the committee room, the Glasgow Shettleston MSP began speaking to his committee clerk under his breath, noting that there was "a very attractive girl" sitting among the observers.
He said: "There's a very attractive girl in the second row… dark and dusky. I'm thinking about putting a wee word out for her.
"She's very attractive looking. Nice, very nice. The heat's getting to me."
Mr McAveety, a former Labour minister, added: "She looks kinda… she's got that Filipino look. You know… the kind you'd see in a Gaugin [sic] painting. There's a wee bit of culture."
I was not aware that Gauguin (note to the Scotsman - this is the correct spelling) had ever been to the Philippines - Tahiti yes, the Marquesas yes, even Peru and Panama yes, but not the Philippines.

See that's the problem with these guys - nae culture.

Update: The bold Mr McAveety has just resigned as a front bench spokesman and as convener of the petitions committee. This seems a bit harsh; he may be sexist and a bit of an idiot, but his latest sin was relatively mild. Besides, he adds to the gaiety of the Scottish political scene.


agentmancuso said...

It's the only sensible comment the man has ever made.

Nabokov said...

So sexist, sleazy, racist and now paedo - but a mild bit of gaiety!!??